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Our kid's are the next generation. Enjoy some 'KID'S POETRY'

Dragon V's Knight

The fang and claw against the sword

It let out flames as it roared

The flame against the mighty shield

Whose fate shall soon be truly sealed?

As it let out a mighty pound

Whose blood will stain the ragged ground?

A sword attack you may say

And a beam like sun ray

A humongous scorching bolt of fire

As the dragon flies up higher

As for death, it awaits

The one who hesitates

For death is at the door

For blood will stain the jagged floor.

Who will win this bloody battle?

Liam Johnson (Age 10)

You think snakes are slimy

But in reality they're not

Unless of course you sneeze on them and cover them in snot

They're warm and dry and silky

And pleasant to the touch

If you try to feed them vegetables

They won't like you very much

Their favourite food in all the world is cuddly little white mice

Put one inside the cage

It'll be snapped up in a trice

A spider is really hairy

A typical 8 legged freak

Have one for Sunday dinner

You'll have a leg for the rest of the week

Worms are found in the garden

They can be a bit of a pain especially when you

Cut their bodies in half and they grow back together again

Now let's get back to snakes

Who you think act as scary as they can

But let us put you right now the scariest creatures man

Liam Johnson (Age 10)


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