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Hello and Welcome to our site, we hope you enjoy a browse around it.

First a big thank you is very much in order to Carol and Jim Ackroyd, but for their help and support and all the work, this site would not be.

I hope you enjoy looking around our site. Please don't hesitate to contact us should you have a query.
At the bottom of each page is a Google search bar for your convenience, please feel free to use it. (Yes it works!)
And please:

Family History starts as a slight curiosity about your family's past. Once you have the knowledge of one set of great grandparents, you didn't know about, it sort of takes over and does not take long to be completely hooked on the subject. Obsessed even, some might say!).
The search for other great grandparents can take you to places you never dreamed you had connections with. In our case, Scotland, Ireland, and many parts of England. You can find the "well to do", and you can also find some are paupers, who's stories can be heartbreaking:

This site and the records on it are of both our families. The research into these lines have been fascinating to follow.
Since starting The Family History search, I have met many new friends, met many interesting people, have visited many different places and many many different research rooms!

Carol and Chris.

P.S. If there's anything you want to see on our site...Just ask! If we can...We will.

Happy browsing.


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